For the last three decades, ALUDEC has evolved from a small auxiliary screen printing company to the international supplier that it is today with 700 employees.

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ALUDEC was founded in Vigo as an auxiliary company in 1984 dedicated to the production of screen-printed elements.
1995 brought about a management buy-out that established a new shareholder structure that has remained unchanged since. In order to broaden the services offering to the automotive industry, with the focus mainly set on automotive decoration, new manufacturing processes were acquired such as plastic injection and metal printing and embossing.
In 1999 the manufacturing operations in Angoulême (France) became part of ALUDEC and accomplished further expertise in the processes of silk-screening, 2D and 3D technical films and surfaces, and the use of polycarbonates.
ALUDEC’s Style Centre was set up in Paris in 2001, and it was later transferred to Angoulême as a means of working closely with clients and broaden the possibilities of decoration and prototyping capabilities.
ALUDEC Stamping was set up in Pontevedra (Spain) in order to accommodate a new production site for the transformation of aluminium and stainless steel.
ALUDEC Injection was set up also in Pontevedra (Spain) providing world-class production facilities accommodating a new production site for plastic injection.
The international reach continues and in 2008 ALUDEC and Saxonia Galvanik GmbH (Germany), one of the world’s leading suppliers of plated plastic parts, formed a joint venture: ALUDEC Saxonia. The joint venture strategy is focused on increasing output of value-added products with the highest quality of coated surfaces.
New demands once again brought about the development of larger and more modern plastic injection facilities in 2011.
For the future, ALUDEC is committed to always surpass clients’ expectations and do the right thing, in the right way, for the right reasons: Upholding the highest ethical standards, being passionate about results, embracing change and striving for excellence for our clients.
ALUDEC relocates its headquarters and style centre to its new facilities, which are located in the vicinity of its other industrial plants.
In order to strengthen ALUDEC's global service, new manufacturing premises have been acquired in Mexico with initial injection, galvanic chrome and assembly capacity. Also, investment in more efficient and environmentally friendlier technologies will continue.
Staff evolution

Technology and industrial capabilities

ALUDEC oversees all industrial and manufacturing operations involved in the making of the products that leave our premises, thus having developed unprecedented proprietary expertise.

Technology integration

World class commitment


ALUDEC employs 700 people in different countries.

The Group’s Coordination Centre, as well as its style centre and production facilities, are located in Ponte Caldelas, in the northwest of Spain, close to four international airports (VGO, SCQ, OPO, and LCG) and three deep-water oceanic sea ports (Vigo, Oporto, and A Coruña). In order to remain close to our clients’ decision centres, we also have commercial offices in Spain, France, Germany, Sweden, the United States and Japan.


We are committed to providing the safest work environment for our employees and to ensuring responsible stewardship of the environment.

This means not only operating in compliance with all applicable health, safety and environmental laws and regulations, but also with the Group’s own standards, often considerable higher.