Color & Trim

ALUDEC assists in the developing processes of the products that bear our clients names.

Our Color & Trim department works directly with OEMs design departments in creating new concepts effectively constituting a bridge between the latest available technologies and their design applications. This allows us to support our clients from the early concepts and research to the development of prototypes and first batches.

Manufacturing processes

ALUDEC supervises every process involved in the manufacturing of the products that reach our clients.

Whether silk screening, plastic injection, chrome plating… there is a firm commitment to continuous improvement of processes and the value chain. This provides unprecedented expertise when facing our clients’ challenges and yields the quality assurance that is second nature to the industry.

Materials expertise

Managing all manufacturing operations pertains the materials to be transformed also. Our expertise on plastics, steel, aluminium, resins, adhesives, inks… brings about complementary competence to the manufacturing processes.

Regardless of your request, we have a unique capability of analysing your project and provide an engineered optimised solution to meet your requirements and business objectives.

Quality at every step

Every person involved in the manufacturing processes, is given the responsibility of quality control, with full authority. This approach of continuous quality control has played a major role in our success over the years.

A conscious effort to go beyond what is expected has become a guiding principle in everything we do.